Increasing stability with 3 rubber feet


The 3-foot rubber with large ground area, helps with more stable walking.
In addition, it provides firm support on any type of surface with the 360-degree rotation point device.
Meet the premium cane with ergonomically designed handle and a body of light and firm carbon material, added with the technology of Didimi.

Elegant design that adds value to life


The handle, which reproduces the human body line, relieves strain on wrists and shoulderswith its ergonomic design and use of soft material.
With 10-level height adjustment of the dual-locking device, anyone can use it comfortably.
Experience a whole new level of elegance with Didimi canes.

Your health is our top priority

Smart Portable Toilet

The smart mobile toilet can be used without a guardian and with minimal assistance.
The user's condition is checked and notified to a guardian far away in real time, and structural improvements in consideration of convenience make it easier to use the toilet.
It checks the user's health from time to time to create a healthy environment.

Didimi Co., Ltd.'s unrivaled technology

Cane Innovation

You can check the location of the wand through the app, and you can check your health by checking health signals such as your pulse rate and oxygen saturation.