Brand Name

With the meaning of "Take a step and go forward”, Didimi has the meaning of hope and development.


With “d”, the first English letter of "Didimi", and by putting a round stick that changes step by step, it symbolizes taking a step and gradually moving forward.
As the symbol is the key factor of the IDENTITY, for image consistency, it cannot be arbitrarily designed and used. Enlarge or reduce in direct proportion before use.


As the signature is a combination of Didimi's symbol mark and logotype in an optimal proportion, it refers to the official mark of Didimi and is the most direct way to externally recognize it. Therefore, the scope of application of signatures, such as various notices, signs, forms, and printed materials, can bring about various changes depending on the circumstances of the media to which they are applied. The signature system was developed so that it can be used systematically and effectively for each function or purpose.

Color System

The emerald green color which symbolizes ‘Cure, Revival, Growth’, was used as the main color.
The exclusive color is a factor that plays an important role in image formation as it is widely used in various media such as printed materials and signs from display colors. When using exclusive colors, they must be used and managed while maintaining accurate colors and brightness/saturation.

  • C77 M23 Y28 K0
  • C64 M56 Y52 K2
  • C73 M68 Y67 K27