Smart choice for a valuable life

More precisely, more luxuriously,
we will do our best for your elegant life.

Long experience and know-how

I will do my best to make the best product with long experience and know-how that I cannot follow.

Best technology and professionalism

Based on matchless technology of 25 years of know-hows and trust,
we will be an excellent partner that walks forward with you.

Increasing stability with 3 rubber feet


The 3-foot rubber with large ground area, helps with more stable walking.
In addition, it provides firm support on any type of surface with the 360-degree rotation point device.
Meet the premium cane with ergonomically designed handle and a body of light and firm carbon material, added with the technology of Didimi.

Elegant design that adds value to life


The handle, which reproduces the human body line, relieves strain on wrists and shoulders with its ergonomic design and use of soft material.
With 10-level height adjustment of the dual-locking device, anyone can use it comfortably.
Experience a whole new level of elegance with Didimi canes.


We are doing our best to develop better products with the best researchers and technicians.

  • Senior-friendly products.

    With the development of senior-friendly products for the sudden increase of senior population, we are putting in effort for the elegant lives of seniors.

  • Eco-friendly energy precise process

    By putting in effort for the development of eco-friendly precision process technology in the period of zero-carbon, we are expanding to related business areas.

  • Leisure products

    In response to the needs of the market according to the increase in the leisure population, we develop products that put safety first.


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