Main business

  • Senior-friendly products business department

    Premium cane
    Walker for seniors
    Portable toilet

  • Eco-friendly energy precision process business department

    Hydrogen gas related storage and transfer pipe processing
    Manufacture of various valves and safety processing
    Manufacture of gas device safety valve

  • Leisure products business department

    Development of camping products
    Development of pet products
    Development of various leisure products

  • Hydrogen parts processing
  • Processed products
  • Welfare tools for the elderly

Facility name Standard Quantity production company note
Lynx 200 CNC Shelf 6" 1 Doosan
Lynx CNC Shelf 6" 1 Doosan
PUMP230 CNC Shelf 8" 1 Doosan
PUMP240 CNC Shelf 8" 1 Doosan
HI-TECH 200A CNC Shelf 8" 1 Hwachun
PUMP GT2600L CNC Shelf 10" 1 Doosan
VM6500 MCT Unit 6.5 1 Doosan
MYNX 6500/500Ⅱ MCT Unit 6.5 1 Doosan
NC Rotary table S-200F4 1 HURON
Universal shelf 2 Hwachun
Universal milling 2 Hwachun
Tab/Drill 3 Youngsoo/samchunRi
TIG Welding machine 1
All of DIDIMI processes are manufactured by our own production facilities,
and excellent technical personnel are committed to making the best products.
All products produced are being shipped through strict quality tests by the quality team.